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Year 13 Exam Results 2018

Action following receipt of your exam results

If you are happy with your results, congratulations, we hope that the next steps in life’s journey go well. Please do keep in touch and let us know about your progress. If you haven’t already done so please join our alumni mailing list Vyners Alumni, and let us know what your future plans are regarding further education, employment etc. using this form. You will have to sign in with your school google credentials before you can complete this form.

Please see note below about collecting certificates.

If you results are not as expected;

Appointment to see Mr Philpott or Mr Lobo

You can make an appointment to see Mr Philpott or Mr Lobo, on results day, Thursday 16th August, between 10am and 1pm, on an appointment only basis.

Mr Philpott will also be available the following day, Friday 17th August between 8am - 10am.

Appointments for either session will need to be booked via the school office.

School will also be open on Thursday 23rd August (GCSE Results day) from 10am - 2pm, and on Friday 24th August from 9am - 12pm, again Mr Philpott and Mr Lobo (and other senior members of staff) will be available.

Remark of exam papers

Once you pick up your results, look at the raw scores and try and work out how far you are off grade boundaries (via the exam board websites, subject staff or Mrs Murphy who will have this information). If your mark is a long way off the grade boundary then a request for a remark is very unlikely to result in a change to your grade. If you are 1 or 2 marks (or a few marks) off the grade boundary then a remark might result in your grade changing. However exam boards do check the marking of those papers that are very close to the grade boundaries before the results are released, so do not expect a request for a remark to change your grade. That being said it is worth making a formal appeal as soon as you can.

You can see the grade boundaries for each exam for individual exam boards on their websites.

Please see this document for the exam board links.

If you have an offer for a university place and your results are below the grades required to meet their offer then you may request a ‘priority remark’.

You must complete the request form and return it to the examination office with the appropriate payment, as indicated at the bottom of the form, by Wednesday 22nd  August.

The school office will be open on Friday 17th August from 10am - 12pm for students to drop in forms and cheques at reception.

Requests for an ‘ordinary remark’ need to be made by Monday 17th September. Please complete this form and return with the appropriate fee, as indicated on the bottom of the form. 

Access to exam papers

Students may want to see their scripts for various reasons; to see how it has been marked as part of the application to have a remark, or to keep as a record of their achievement.

Photocopies of exam papers are available from the exam boards prior to the actual papers being available. This allows students to review their scripts and request a remark before the original papers have been released.

After the original papers have been returned it is not possible to have a remark as the papers could be altered.

Requests for photocopies need to be ordered by Thursday 23rd August. Please complete this form and return with the appropriate fee as indicated on the form.

School will be closed except for Friday 17th August from 10am to 12pm when you can drop off your form and cheque at reception and Wednesday 22nd August from 10am - 12pm when you can drop off your form and cheque at the exams office.

Originals of exam papers may also be requested and the forms will need to be submitted to the Examination officer by Tuesday 2nd of October.  Please complete this form and return with the appropriate fee as indicated on the form.

Collection of Certificates

Certificates arrive in school towards the end of the Autumn Term

These will need to be collected from the school Reception during the last two weeks of term 10th – 21st December.

If you are unable to collect your certificates personally, they may be collected by someone else, as long as they have a letter of authorisation from you.