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House Captains 2019-2020

Staff: Mr Bendifallah, Mrs Mohammed

  • Maizie Hurst
  • Rozafa Lumi
  • Nadia Al Hourani
  • Alexander Marskell
  • Emma-Louise Jattan
  • Baneet Khatra
  • Joshua Scott
  • Adam Simms
  • Vikram Talwaria
  • Katie Hill
  • Matthew Vecchione
  • Joshan Dhillon
  • Ryan Rasul

Windsor is named after our royal family for their service and contribution to our country.  The House of  Windsor is the royal house of the United Kingdom and the other commonwealth realms. Currently the most prominent member of the house of Windsor is it’s head, Queen Elizabeth with over 65 years of service which she has given our country and commonwealth.