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School Policies

Please use the links below to access our School policies.

The following policies operate at a MAT level and can be accessed via the Vanguard Learning Trust website.

  • Data Protection Policy and Data Retention guidelines
  • Freedom of Information Policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy

Policies referred to on the website but not uploaded here may be received by parents on request to the School.  These are:

  1. Exclusions policy
  1. Download: Admission to Sixth Form Policy - 2023.PDF File

  2. Download: Admissions Appeals Timetable.PDF File

  3. Download: Admissions into Year 7 Policy for September 2023.PDF File

  4. Download: Admissions into Year 7 Policy for September 2024.PDF File

  5. Download: Admissions Policy for In Year Applications from September 2023.PDF File

  6. Download: Assessment Policy 2022-24.PDF File

  7. Download: Attendance Policy - June 2023.PDF File

  8. Download: Bad weather procedures -Vyners School 2024.docx.PDF File

  9. Download: Behaviour Policy (Parts A and B), November 2023.PDF File

  10. Download: Charging Policy 2018-2020.PDF File

  11. Download: Child on Child Abuse Policy - November 2022.PDF File

  12. Download: Complaints Policy, January 2024.PDF File

  13. Download: Dealing with Unacceptable Behaviour Policy on School Site - October 2021.PDF File

  14. Download: Equality Action Plan 2020-22.PDF File

  15. Download: Equality Duty Policy, May 2023.PDF File

  16. Download: Examination Policy - November 2022.PDF File

  17. Download: Freedom_of_Information_Policy_2018 - Vyners School Publication scheme 2024.PDF File

  18. Download: Home Learning Policy - 2023.PDF File

  19. Download: Home School Agreement.PDF File

  20. Download: Home School Partnership - Sept 2017.PDF File

  21. Download: Personal Portable Devices Policy 2021.PDF File

  22. Download: Privacy notice for PARENTS March 2024.PDF File

  23. Download: Privacy notice for STAFF March 2024.docx.PDF File

  24. Download: Privacy notice for STUDENTS March 2024.docx.PDF File

  25. Download: Pupil Premium Policy - May 2022.PDF File

  26. Download: Relationship and Sex Education Policy - May 2023.PDF File

  27. Download: Remote Learning Policy - October 2020.PDF File

  28. Download: Safeguarding Policy, September 2023.PDF File

  29. Download: Safer Recruitment Policy - 2015 (MAT).PDF File

  30. Download: SEN Additional Education Needs Policy - May 2022.PDF File

  31. Download: Stakeholder (Parental) Communication Policy - October 2021.PDF File

  32. Download: Statement of local CCTV arrangements August 2023.docx.PDF File

  33. Download: Supporting Students with Medical Conditions, 2023-2024.PDF File

  34. Download: Teaching & Learning and Curriculum Policy 2022.PDF File

  35. Download: Uniform Policy 2023-24.PDF File

  36. Download: Work Related Learning Policy - June 2022.PDF File