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Books and DVDs

The LRC currently holds approximately a wide range of books as well as a DVD selection. We cover all sorts of topics from the Guinness Book of Records to Shakespeare, Cookery to World War II.  Students are welcome to borrow up to 2 items for up to 2 weeks at any one time, and 1 DVD for 1 week at a time. Students who have items which are more than 3 weeks overdue may incur a 1 hour detention in line with the schools rewards and consequences policy.


The LRC have kindles which students may borrow. The kindles have a wide range of fiction stock loaded onto them. Kindles can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks at a time, they may not be renewed if another student is waiting for one.


The LRC has 18 computers. During the day, these are available to 6th Form students for private study.  Other students may use the computers on a first come, first served basis at break, lunch and after school.

Printing and Photocopying

The dedicated student printer is located in the LRC. Students may print out work at break, lunch and after school and are given a £2 free 'print allowance' to allow them to do this.  A simple print release station in the LRC enables students to send their own jobs to print, and have them charged to their account.

Due to issues of cost, students will only be allowed to print in black and white.  Once the allowance is exhausted, extra copies must be purchased by parents via the squidcard cashless payment system.  Used wisely, we do not anticipate that students should need to purchase any extra copies.  I would encourage you to have a conversation with your child however about the importance of not wasting their allowance.

In giving them access to the print release station, students are being trusted to operate school equipment in a mature way.  Misuse of any of the equipment will be managed in line with the School’s Rewards and Consequences Policy.