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Physical Education

Physical activity plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The ability to partake in lifelong physical activity stems from developing the skills and understanding early on in one’s life. Physical Education (PE) teachers at Vyners aim to ignite a spark in all students so that they find an activity that they will continue throughout their life.  By providing the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities, and teaching in a way that allows all students to achieve at their level, the majority of students leave Vyners with at least knowing the importance of physical activity, skills and knowledge which will allow them to participate and the confidence to go out and pursue the activity they enjoy in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Key Stage 3

In years 7 and 8 the focus is on ensuring that students get a taster of a wide variety of activities whilst developing their fundamental skills and implementation of tactics and creative ideas.  Activities include athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, cycling, dance, fitness, football, gymnastics, handball, hockey, netball, outdoor and adventurous activities, rounders, rugby, softball, striking games and table tennis. 

Key Stage 4

In years 9, 10 and 11 some of the above activities are re-visited to develop skills and understanding further to become more competent, confident performers.  In addition, some new activities are introduced for students to gain a greater understanding of what else is available to them leisure wise out in the community such as zumba, yoga, self-defence, strength and conditioning etc.  Also at this stage students start to have a choice about some of their activities as we recognise that by this age students have already developed an understanding of which types of physical activity they like and don’t like.

The PE described above is known as core PE, PE that all students in years 7-11 have to do. 

However, the department also offers two options at key stage 4 (years 9-11) for those students who have a particular aptitude and enthusiasm for the subject.


  1. Cambridge nationals - sports studies (OCR exam board) – this is a vocational sports course which provides a practical, real-world approach to learning to develop specific knowledge and skills needed to work successfully in the sports industry.  It is the equivalent to one GCSE in terms of length of study.  The course is split into four units – one unit is assessed via a 1 hour exam whilst the other units are assessed through the completion of coursework.

  2. GCSE PE (currently Edexcel exam board) – this course consists of four components;
  • Fitness and Body Systems – assessed through an end of course 1hr 45 minute written exam.
  • Health and Performance – assessed through an end of course 1hr 15 minute written exam.
  • Practical Performance in three activities which must come from the exam board’s set list of approved activities.
  • Personal exercise plan - coursework completed during lesson time.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 (years 12 and 13), the department also offers two options for those students who have a passion for studying the subject further;

            The course is assessed through a mixture of written exams and coursework.

  1. OCR Level 3 Technical Diploma in Sport and Physical Activity – this is a two year vocational sports course which allows students to gain a good insight into the sports sector with the aim to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills of the principles of Sport and Physical Activity.  Students complete 3 exam units and also complete coursework for all other units of study.

    Examples of units covered are;

    • Body Systems and the Effects of Physical Activity
    • Sports Coaching and Activity Leadership
    • Sports Organisation and Development
    • Working Safely in Sport, Exercise, Health and Leisure
    • Organisation of Sports Events
    • Physical Activity for Specific Groups
    • Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation
    • Practical Skills in Sport and Physical Activities
  2. A Level Physical Education (currently OCR exam board) – this is a two year course studying the spectrum of Physical Education areas broken down into four components. 

    Applied anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology and biomechanics – 2hr written exam.
  • Skill acquisition and sports psychology – 1hr written exam.
  • Sport and society and contemporary issues in physical activity and sport – 1hr written exam.
  • Performance or coaching and evaluation and analysis of performance for improvement – practical performance in one activity (from a set activity list) and a critical evaluation of a performance in an interview type setting.

Subject Leader: Tom Hall