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Payment and Refunds

Our fees

All money received is used to pay for course materials, relevant equipment, external staff (1st aid professionals and external assessors) and travel cost including food and drink for accompanying staff.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and this is likely to prevent your child applying, please contact us. The school has some funds available to facilitate student participation in these circumstances.

The £30 equipment deposit

We currently charge a refundable deposit of £30 for all programmes. The deposit will be refunded in full at the end of the programme unless borrowed equipment is lost, damaged (other than normal wear and tear) or returned late


For all payments except for lost/damaged equipment, please use the sQuid payment system. Please follow the instructions on the letter that was given out.

In case borrowed equipment is lost or damaged due to neglect, the best solution is if you buy the item in question yourself and give it to the school in lieu of the original item. Failing that, find out from us how much you will need to pay (for us to buy or repair the item) and pay by cheque.