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Modern Foreign Languages

Learning a foreign language at Vyners School gives students the opportunity and skills to communicate with people in other countries and learn about their cultures, as well as learn more about our own language. We need to get away from the attitude that ‘everyone speaks English’ and develop a more global perspective. As members of the EU, young people will be competing for jobs with those who have similar skill sets but also know different languages.

At Vyners we offer three main modern languages: French and German and Spanish. Most students are expected to learn a foreign language up to GCSE and some continue to AS, A2 and University, either as a main subject of study or alongside other disciplines such as Science, Maths, Politics and Economics, History, Geography, Economics and business.

At Vyners we firmly believe that learning a foreign language and being able to communicate with others improves employability, enhances the intellectual capacity to use an alternative code to English advances social skills and develops confidence.

Key Stage 3

We offer French, German and Spanish at KS3.  In Year 8 students then decide which language they wish to study for GCSE in Year 9.

 The Key Stage 3 curriculum develops students’ competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing based on a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary. It teaches students to understand and communicate personal and factual information on a variety of topics such as: themselves, their families, friends and interests. Students will learn about the various countries where the language is spoken, and about their cultures. Students will develop the skill of manipulating language by applying the rules to new situations as they become increasingly spontaneous, independent and accurate. Students will be taught to develop creative expression and ideas using a variety of sources such as text books, online materials, videos, stories, poems, songs and letters.

Key Stage 4

Most students are expected to study one foreign language to GCSE level. At Vyners, we offer students the choice of French, German and Spanish, following the AQA specification.

Whichever language they choose, students will learn to communicate effectively in it through listening, speaking, reading and writing, and through understanding how each language is constructed. Students learn with the help of books, music, films and have access to IT complement their language studies.

Key Stage 5

Students follow the AQA course at A Level. The AS course covers issues relevant to young people while the A2 curriculum has a broader content  of current affairs and includes cultural topics through the study of a book, film or period of history. Students work closely with the language assistants to improve their speaking and listening skills.


  • Year 8 trip to France or Germany
  • German study trip to Berlin
  • French study trip to Paris
  • Opportunity for work experience abroad
  • (on line) language club

Subject Leader: Christine Maksymowych