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Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

Born in 1925, Sir Jack Petchey was from a underprivileged family that lived in the East End of London. He left school at 13 with no qualifications, and in 1943 joined the Royal Navy during the Second World War. He was constantly told by his superiors that he would never be successful.

However, he refused to give up. He spent the little money he earned whilst serving in the Navy on a car and started his own taxi business. After years of perseverance, Sir Jack is now one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, with business ventures varying from travel to property.

Sir Jack wishes to increase the ambition in young people, and believes this can be done through rewarding achievements and encouraging students to try their best. The Jack Petchey Foundation has invested over £118 million in projects supporting young people.

Vyners takes part in the Jack Petchey Achievement Award where, each month, one student is nominated for achievements in one of these categories:

- Helping others over and above expectations

- Being a good role model/mentor

- Showing bravery

- Overcoming a personal challenge

- Volunteering

- Trying really hard

- Breaking through a personal barrier

The successful student is then awarded £250 to invest in an area of the school that benefits students e.g. a trip, coaching, equipment or a celebration event.

Please check your emails for information on how to nominate.

Remember the award is not about being the best, but being the very best you can be!

A list of winners can be found below.

September 2018 - Edward Holden (11F) - Showing Bravery

Edward saw a very serious accident and whilst his parents were helping the injured elderly man he rang the ambulance, kept calm, helped to get a defibrillator and gave instructions to the ambulance men. 

Edward chose to donate the grant to the Chemistry department.

October 2018 - Katie Ginger (9W) - Volunteering

She has volunteered for loads of things over the past 2 years of her being at Vyners. She has participated in things like athletics, Student Voice and lots more. She puts 100% effort into everything. She also helps the community e.g. Messy church, Kickz - ( a football camp for children), London Fire Brigade youth council representative, helping at water stations at the London marathon, Ride Prudential, Ben Kinsella- (a charity). She helps at walks to raise money for knife crime awareness, Michael Sobell house events and test purchasing with the police and trading standards. She has done about 100 hours of volunteering so far this year. She always tries to participate in all the school events. She has done open evening every year and the senior citizens Christmas party every year as well. She also takes part in most house events.

Katie chose to donate the grant to the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

November 2018 - Lee Sansom (13H) - Being a good role model/mentor

He has contributed a lot to the school by leading back stage technical crew during school productions, concerts and House events. He helps younger students develop their skills in a friendly and patient as way.  

Lee chose to donate the grant to the Drama department for technical equipment.

January 2019 - Rana Singh (9C) - Volunteering

He has helped to expand and manage the RPG club which was opened only last year and due to his help is growing and expanding at a great pace with new players coming every few weeks.

Rana chose to donate the grant to the RPG club for new games.

February 2019 - Edith Longdon (13C) - Helping others over and above expectations

She is always there when you need her and drops everything she's doing to try and help others. She is always fighting for what is best for everyone. She's great at giving advice and she always knows how to deal with issues. From year 7 she has contributed to our community, having achieved service awards nearly every year, and has always done everything asked of her without hesitation.  

Edith chose to donate the grant to the Biology department to help buy equipment for A Level practicals.

March 2019 - Oli Latham (11H) - Helping others over and above expectations

For going above and beyond for the school production, rigging up individual mics for all of the band and mixing the sound for the production. He arrived into school early for rehearsals, ready to work and was incredibly patient with the cast. He sorted out any problems immediately. Overall, he was a massive asset to this production.

Oli chose to donate the grant to the Drama department to help build set and get lighting equipment for GCSE performances.

April 2019 - Sam Hurst (10C) - Trying really hard

For spending time inside and outside of lessons improving in areas he may struggle in to overcome personal challenges. Furthermore, he volunteers to help at places such as HOAC. In addition he has always been willing to help his peers when they struggle in a lesson and is relentlessly kind and caring to everyone. He has multiple interests, including: hockey, sailing and coding, and never once stops to ask for anything for his own personal gain.

Sam chose to donate the grant to the DT department to buy architectural books and resources to help students improve their designs.

May 2019 - Diya Shaunak (8M) - Overcoming a personal challenge

For climbing Mount Snowdon with 45 other young people through sun, clouds, snow and hail, and a temperature of -6 at the peak to raise money for Cancer Research.

Diya chose to donate the grant to the PE department to buy equipment such as sporting bibs.

June 2019 - Jasmine Glenister (12F) - Helping others over and above expectations

For being a part of the music department consistently for the past 5/6 years, attending many music clubs in order to increase the school's music reputation as well as leading two music clubs to motivate the younger years. She does all this alongside keeping up with A-level studies.

In addition, each year a member of staff is awarded the Jack Petchey Leader Award and we are pleased to announce that Mr Govender received the most votes this year for his positive attitude, inspiring teaching and for organising a range of careers events. Mr Govender will receive £750 to buy something that benefits the school.  Thank you to everyone who voted.