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2016 - 2017 Results

House Drama - 2nd

House Music - 3rd

Sports Day - 5th

Overall - 1st

House Captains 2017-2018

  • Haider Razzak
  • Louise Mitchell
  • Emily Wilcock
  • Grace Keating
  • Charandeep Lehal
  • Lee Sansom
  • Nathan Hawkins
  • Nithiya Jayakrishnan
At Huxley House, we pride ourselves on commitment and teamwork. We work hard throughout the year, preparing and organising house events. The sense of family friendships within the house keeps our spirits high whether we win or, more commonly, place lower. Last year, we kicked events off with house drama, where we performed our own written murder mystery. Everyone threw themselves into their roles, and we received lots of laughs from the audience for our over-the-top characters. Next, we stretched ourselves with a wonderful rendition of Gold Digger in House Music – this also received copious laughs, although perhaps this time, they were aimed at us. Finally, we smashed records in Sports Day and spent the majority of the day at the top of the leader board. Here’s to another successful year Huxley!

(Grace Jackson and Dina Jalaf, Huxley's Senior House Captains)