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House Captains 2018-2019

  • Laura Dixon
  • Serina Pandhare
  • Helen Temtime
  • Harry Williams
  • Kate Liu
  • Laura White
  • Hannah Krull
  • Amelia Reynard

Fry, originally named after Elizabeth Fry, is a competitive and striving House with equally dedicated House Captains. Our first House event in 2017 was House Drama, where we proudly came 1st with a play about Perseus and Medusa. Furthermore, we achieved exceedingly good results from Inter-House competitions which allowed us to secure a comfortable place on the leader board. Our next event in February was House Music, which we found difficult but pulled through with a Jackson 5 medley and came 5th. Due to all the hard work put in by all Fry students, we had a successful 3rd place in rewards, and topped the attendance chart. With all of this accounted, Fry finished 2nd place - so very close to the top! Maybe next year! Thank you to everyone who participated and put their all in to help their house prosper!

(Vishali Nagardas and Ryan Panditt, Fry House Captains)