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Cheshires House Captains 2018-2019

  • Louis Ville
  • Elli-Jane Milne
  • Lucy Kilmartin
  • Simran Punn
  • Manveer Panesar
  • Ananya Jattla
  • Sophie Bennett
  • Jae Temple
  • Bhavyaa Ojha

Last year, Cheshire House displayed commitment and enthusiasm in all House competitions. We began the year with House Drama, based on Greek Myths. We chose to do a play on the Trojan War and had several students from the younger years eager to get involved. The students came to practice several times a week and worked incredibly hard to learn all their lines and staging. Overall for House Drama we came 3rd! We then had House Music where we explored music from the 60/s70s; which again the students practised long and hard for, however we did come 6th. There was House Photography, in which we came 3rd and we had the same result in Sports Day! Cheshire were also in the highest bracket for raising money for the school at the Christmas Fayre, hosted by Friends of Vyners. In the end, Cheshire came 5th which is a great result! We are very proud of our achievements as a House because of the participation of the students in all year groups and all the effort and creativity we put into all activities. We hope to strive for better excellence next year so the other Houses better watch out!


(Edith Longdon and Tadiwa Sigauke, Cheshire House Captains)