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The school has two canteens on site, which offer plated hot meals at lunchtime, along with a range of sandwiches, hot and cold snacks and a range of drinks. A selection of hot and cold 'grab and go' products are also available. 

CUCINA took over as the school's catering partner from September 2022.   Information about their food offer is below.

There will be regular weekly offers for students, and a number of themed days throughout the year.  

As well as a range of 'grab and go' items,  students have the opportunity to eat a plated hot meal in school.  This can be served, either on a proper plate, with knife and fork, or in a reusable lunchbox, which a child can bring from home.  These 'munchboxes' may be taken outside.  School provided plates and cutlery must remain in the top canteen.

With an eye on the sustainability agenda, we have also made the decision for September 2022 to discontinue the supply of single use plastic bottles in school.  Every student is now responsible for bringing their own reusable and refillable bottle, which can be replenished either at the free water fountains, or via the Generation Juice machines in the canteens.  We are proud that this decision prevented over 18,000 single use plastic bottles going to landfill in the Autumn 2022 term alone.

Do you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) ? If so, click here to check your eligibility.

Under the ‘pupil premium’ funding scheme, making a claim for FSM helps both your family and the school, as Vyners receives an extra £900 per pupil, per year for every student registered for FSM.  Pupil Premium funding enables us to support your child in many different ways, including funding participation in school trips and other activities, as well as funding specific intervention sessions.

* Please note that the School Meal Menu may be subject to change without prior notice.


It is with regret that we need to announce an increase in canteen prices for September 2023. Parents will be well aware of the general increase in food prices over the last 12 months. The school has negotiated  with Cucina to avoid passing on those increases so far, however a price increase cannot be avoided in the longer term. Canteen prices are rising by an average of 10% in September. The increase will affect products differently, depending on the ingredients used to make them. Some individual prices will go up by more than 10%, others will not increase at all.  We are pleased to confirm that the price of a hot main meal will increase by just 10p to £2.50 (an increase of 4%). The meal deal price (a hot meal plus pudding or drink) remains unchanged at £2.60. This is by far the best value item for your son or daughter to purchase.