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Important Data Request - action required

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Following a recent directive from the DfE, all schools are required to collect the following information on its students for submission in the National School Census due on 1 October 2016.

  1. Student Nationality
  2. Student Country of Birth  

The Department for Education will be asking for this information in order to undertake ‘trend analysis’ within the education system.  Such data enables them to ensure that the needs of students are being met at a national level.

The country of birth and nationality should be supplied as it appears on the student’s birth certificate, passport or EEA (European Economic Area) identity card.  For students with ‘multiple nationality’ (also known as ‘dual nationality’), more than one nationality may be recorded.

We wish to collect this information in as effective a way as possible, and have therefore opened up an electronic survey to enable all parents to enter their information.  The survey takes only a few minutes to complete.  Sixth Form students will be asked to supply their own information during school hours.

You may also supply the information by completing and returning the paper slips contained in the letter below. 

All returns need to be received by the school by Wednesday 28th September 2016.  Information obtained will continue to be held by the School in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act