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The school has two canteens on site, which (outside the pandemic) offer plated hot meals at lunchtime, along with a range of sandwiches, hot and cold snacks and a range of drinks. A selection of hot and cold 'grab and go' products are also available. 

ASPENS took over as the school's catering partner from September 2017.   Parents are encouraged to download the catering app available which will provide lots more information about available products and offers.

There will be regular weekly offers for students, and a number of themed days throughout the year.  Details can be found below.

For September 2020, we will be running a 'slimmed down' menu consisting of hot and cold grab and go items only.  This will consist  of:

  • A panini of the day (one meat, one vegetarian)
  • A hot pot or boxed hot meal (one meat, one vegetarian)
  • A small selection of sandwiches, baguettes and wraps (2 choices per day)
  • A hot jacket potato
  • A selection of cold drinks, including water
  • A dessert of the day.

All items will be wrapped, or served in disposable containers.  The canteen offer will be expanded against, once the pandemic situation has eased further.  Please see the Autumn 2020 menu below.  The April - October 3 weekly menu will be reinstated when it is safe to reinstate a full catering service.

Do you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) ? If so, click here to check your eligibility.

Under the ‘pupil premium’ funding scheme, making a claim for FSM helps both your family and the school, as Vyners receives an extra £900 per pupil, per year for every student registered for FSM.  Pupil Premium funding enables us to support your child in many different ways, including funding participation in school trips and other activities, as well as funding specific intervention sessions.

* Please note that the School Meal Menu may be subject to change without prior notice.